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Free day of daycare with every groom!

We groom all dogs, all ages, all breeds!!

Head Groomer, Elizabeth Simon has been involved with dogs for many years. Izzy has been grooming at for the past 4 years and you may have already met her. She keeps A Closer Bond updated with the lastest grooming techniques and tools as well as finding the best quality grooming supplies in order to keep your dog looking it's best! If you have any concerns or questions about grooming and the procedures used or would like to talk to Izzy about the best way to maintain a healthy coat for your pet, please give us a call! Izzy can set up an individual grooming information session with you and teach you proper techniques and tools for brushing your dog's coat, removing mats, trimming your dog's nails, brushing teeth, and she can discuss nutritional supplements that would help keep your pet's coat looking wonderful!

Walk in Nail Trims!

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