Award-Winning Dog Boarding in Palatine, IL

New Customer FREE First Night

Looking for a new home-away-from-home for your dog? Their first night is on the house!

Discount subject to availability and blackout dates and cannot be combined with other offers. Lodging discount applies to first-time customers only and is valid for any lodging accommodation selected.

Your Pet’s Home-Away-From-Home

Our overnight accommodations and care were designed with your pet’s comfort and happiness in mind. Each furry guest enjoys comfortable private quarters with all the amenities of home. Lodging areas are fully climate controlled year-round!

Here’s what we provide with every stay:

  • Comfortable overnight lodging complete with bedding (assuming they’re not a chewer)
  • Lots of love & attention
  • Comprehensive daily wellness checks
  • High level of staff training with many certified caregivers
  • Durable toys to play with
  • Soothing music designed specifically for dogs
  • Kinn Klean bowls for mealtimes
  • Feedings of your pet’s usual food according to your instructions
  • At least 4 daily potty breaks

Fun Activity Packages

The best part of any vacation are the activities you’ve planned for yourself! Choose the perfect amount of play and interaction for your pup, and we’ll keep them exercised and entertained. We’ve grouped our most popular services together into fun-filled, discounted activity packages. Some of our activity options include:

  • Playtime!

    Our resort features fun-filled play yards to romp, run, and explore. Whether your pup prefers to run with the “pack” or soak up the undivided attention of a caregiver, they’ll have a blast.

  • Cuddle Time.

    One of our pet care counselors will sit quietly with your pup and provide all the cuddles and individual attention they so deserve!

  • Photo Updates.

    We’ll keep you updated with photos of your furry loved one enjoying our resort! Don’t forget to check our Facebook and Instagram, as well as your ProPet Pet Portal, too!

  • Enrichment Acivities. 

    At A Closer Bond, we aim to stimulate your dog’s mind and body alike. Our enrichment activities focus on balancing your pet’s physical , mental, and emotional needs with extra fun and interactive games and activities. Some favorites are agility and fitness courses, obedience games, scent work, brain-teasing puzzles, and more! 

  • Refresher Training.

    Maybe your pup’s a little rusty on their training or enjoys exercising their skills! Let our expert trainers work with them one-on-one for some refresher training while they’re here. Refresher training solidifies and builds upon skills they already have to help expand their horizons and grow their abilities. 

  • Tasty Treats.

    Dogs love our tasty gourmet treats, prepared with delicious ingredients and flavors including peanut butter, pumpkin, mashed potato, and many more.

  • Pampered Puppies.

    We’ve created a special package for our younger guests which includes extra playtimes, potty breaks, and special treats just for puppies.

  • Senior and Special Care.

    Our special care package includes everything senior and special needs pets deserve, including stretch breaks, unlimited administration of medications, and orthopedic bedding.

Superior Safety Standards

Every day, we work hard to provide a safe, wholesome, and healthy atmosphere for your pets. Here’s how A Closer Bond goes above and beyond to accomplish this.

  • Advanced climate control, air filtration, and security systems
  • Thorough daily cleaning with pet-safe products
  • Ideal group sizes with no more than 16 dogs per staff member
  • Careful group play evaluation and playgroup selection
  • All staff certified in canine CPR and first aid within 6 months of hire
  • Seperate play areas for small dogs and puppies

Dog Boarding FAQ

What vaccinations does my dog need?
To keep our resort a safe and healthy place for dogs, we require vaccinations for rabies and distemper combo.
Are reservations required?
To keep our facility as safe as possible, we depend on having the right level of staffing for the number of dogs every day. For this reason, we do require reservations.
When can I drop off and pick up my pet?

On Monday through Friday, please drop off your pet by 3pm and pick up them any time between 7am and 7pm. On Saturdays, please drop off by 10am and pick up any time between 8am and 3pm. Sunday pick up is between 10-11 am and 5-6 pm.

Can I take a tour?
Please do! We have an open-door policy during regular business hours to view our facilities. However, we recommend that you give us a call beforehand so we can make sure we have adequate time for the tour and to answer any questions.
I have multiple dogs, can they stay together?
Multi-dog families are welcome to lodge together in our large accommodations. Give us a call to get your fur family’s stay started.
Can you accommodate special needs pets?
We can accommodate pets with many kinds of special needs. Please call us to discuss how we can accommodate your pet. We’ll consult with your pet’s veterinarian to determine if our resort is the best place for your pet to stay.
My pet takes medication. Can you administer medication to pets?
Yes, we’re able to administer many oral and topical medications for a small fee. Please bring all medications in their original containers with clearly written instructions. We also do offer a special TLC Package designed for older and special needs pets which includes unlimited medication administration.
Can I bring my pet’s own food?

To keep your pet on the diet they’re accustomed to, we ask you please bring their usual food bagged and labeled per serving. We have large refrigerators and microwaves for special diets, if needed.

What about bedding?
All of our accommodations can be outfitted with raised beds and soft, clean bedding, so there’s no need to bring any bedding from home.
What might I expect when my pet comes home from lodging?
Some dogs may be tired for a day or two after daycare or overnight care with us. This is because most of them play hard and get a lot of exercise while they are here. It may be more than they are used to at home. The increase in activity may also increase their water intake. Don’t be alarmed if they want to drink more water than usual when they get home (though we suggest encouraging them to drink slowly and small amounts at a time to prevent vomiting).