Start Off on the Right Paw!

Have you recently welcomed a puppy into your family? Starting training early in life is one of the most impactful things a pet parent can do for their young pup. A Closer Bond’s expert trainers are here to get your puppy started off right and pave the way for your best possible relationship together!

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Puppy Training at A Closer Bond

Puppies learn most of their lifelong beliefs during the first four months of their life! Socializing your puppy and teaching them skills during this time period help ensure a strong and rewarding relationship for life. A Closer Bond’s exclusive puppy training programs give your young one broad exposure to new people, places, objects, and sounds. Your puppy deserves the best opportunity to learn about the world in a safe, controlled environment in order to develop into the most confident and happy adult!

A Closer Bond’s puppy training programs are structured, interactive, educational and social play experiences tailored for the needs of puppies. They’ll get to:

  • Practice and learn appropriate social skills with new friends (canine and human!)
  • Experience new sights, sounds, smells, and settings
  • Receive puppy-specific training sessions to help establish early obedience and good manners
  • Be introduced to the handling and environment of the grooming salon
  • Get familiar with a pet resort experience
  • Enjoy comfortable rest periods in their own private, climate-controlled accommodations

Puppy Preschool

This group learning experience includes 3 puppy training classes led by one of our professional dog trainers. It starts with a private consultation where we’ll teach you how to solve common puppy concerns like play biting and house training while focusing on your individual goals and challenges. During the three group classes, you’ll continue working to develop good behaviors, manners, and social development and get the support you need to redirect undesirable behaviors. We want your puppy to be confident and comfortable around different people, places, and objects!


  • A private consultation
  • 3 group puppy classes
  • Puppy manual and handout
  • 1 proper chew toy
  • Follow-up evaluation

Puppy Learn & Play

Your puppy will engage in daily social play with puppies of similar play style, temperament, and age, while being trained in manners and exposure to new experiences!

This program includes 5 days of learning, play, and social development. The primary objective is to build confidence in your puppy with new sensations and experiences as well as introducing basic commands, handling for bathing, agility, and proper play with humans and other doggie friends. Individual days can be added to your program, and we even guarantee your pup will come home calmer and wiser.

Our puppy Learn & Play program is designed for puppies up to 20 weeks of age and goes perfectly paw-in-paw with our Puppy Preschool program. Call us today to get started!

Whats Inlcuded?

  • 1 consultation
  • 5 full days of Learn & Play
  • 1 follow-up evaluation
  • 5 fun and educational themed days
  • Grooming Day, Therapy Day, Veterinarian Day, Agility Day, & Sensory Day

Perfect Pup Program

This year-long program is a comprehensive puppy training program designed to build the most solid foundation in life skills for your pet. It includes everything from our Puppy Preschool and Puppy Learn & Play as well as four weeks of residency training that can be divided however you wish over the course of a year. This combination of training techniques and experiences is designed to give your dog the most thorough education for lifelong success. Call us today to get started with your pup!